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If you want to eat an apple, the right way is as follows.
The first step is very common. Wash it with simple water so that is germ free now.

After you are done washing the apple, you need to remove its stem.

And if this is the way you are going to eat it then STOP!

If you eat the apple in the traditional way you will be stuck with this apple core.
The traditional method is not right for two reasons. Firstly you are missing a lot of fruity benefits and secondly you need to find a garbage can to dispose it.

And the solution to get rid of that apple core is..
We usually start eating the apple from the middle part but we have to start now eating it from the bottom part.

No more apple core problems now!

And the same thing goes with bananas too. Bottoms up!
This is comparatively an easy way of peeling as you don’t have to get rid of the stem end.

Cut both ends of the Kiwi and scoop it out of the peel with a spoon.

Cut the pomegranate in half, then use a wooden spoon and smack it over a bowl to remove the seeds.

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