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We don’t really realize the harmful effects of nail polish.
In a recent study, many tested nail polish brands were found to be harmful to our bodies.

A study was conducted on women who apply nail polish on a regular basis.
It was found that most women tested positive for the toxin known as Triphenyl Phosphate.

It was also noticed that most brands don’t mention that on the label.
The common brands of nail polish don’t mention this harmful chemical on the list of ingredients on the back label of the nail polish bottle.

So what is bad about this chemical?
The major concern is that when this chemical enters the human body, it can alter the functioning of various systems.

Triphenyl Phosphate alters functioning of various systems.
It mainly targets the functioning of the brain and nervous system along with the gastro-intestinal system. Other than that, it controls the endocrine system causing disturbances in hormones.

It contains neuro toxins.
Neuro-toxins can directly have an impact on the brain, meninges or the spinal cord. In turn, it would affect your nervous system.

It contains Formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic in nature.
Carcinogenic substances encourage the development of cancer cells in the body.

It also contains Toluene.
Toluene directly enters the breast milk of a lactating mother and can have an affect on the development of the infant.

The level of toxins is high 10 hours after application of nail polish.
When tested, high levels of toxins were found to be in the woman at about 10 hours after application of the nail polish.

So check out for symptoms.
The main symptom could be a sore throat after 10 hours or maybe even a skin rash or irritation.
Keep yourself aware and let your friends and relatives know about the harmful effects of nail polish.

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