Home Blogs and Articles You Can Easily Hide Your Valuable Stuff At These 7 Secret Places

#1 Take Care Of Your Teeth And Your Cash
Whether you are going on vacation and need a place to keep your money from opportune thieves or need a spot to place emergency cash at home, an empty container of dental floss turns into dollar bill storage.

#2 Plant Your Things Where No One Can See Them
Plants filter the air, add flair to your space, and now they store your things. Just don’t forget to water.

#3 Use Your Music Taste To Your Advantage
It may look like an epic record collection, but it serves as a hollow space for more storage space.

#4 Keep Your Spare Key Safe In Shrubbery
Superglue a rock to the top of an empty pill bottle to safely hide a house key in your yard for emergencies.

#5 Pass The Mayonnaise, Save Some Cash
Old condiment jars can be used to store secret savings. Just be careful when someone makes a sandwich.

#6 The Oldest Trick In The Book
Carve out a secret storage unit in an old book.

#7 Clean Up Your Space With This Secret Spot
Use the inside compartment of an old vacuum cleaner to store important documents or items.

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