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The date of US elections was fixed long back, but Modi’s announcement was sudden.
The date that was decided for the elections was November 8, 2016. It was a big day for not only the US citizens but also for the world. People from the US and from different countries had high interests in the next leader of the US.
But with Modi coming up live randomly at 8 pm when a majority of Indians were occupied with their return trip from the office… what could be the reason for such hurry?

People are saying that it wasn’t a sudden decision but a planned one.
1. It all started by opening bank accounts for all.
2. Then, the bank accounts were linked with the Aadhar card.
3. Later, came the disclosure of the bank account, passport and account no. in income tax return.
4. Then, came the addition to various data mining and collection tools in the hands of the income tax department.

Cleaning the dirt in the economy: The recent step
The income declaration scheme was extended to Sept. 30, by the Modi Government. As per the expectation, many people participated by disclosing their black money, paying off the charge to the government as required.
Subsequently, it was a planning of about two years.

But why on the very same date of the US elections?
Why didn’t he announce it earlier or anytime later? Was he trying to become the talk of the people across the world?
Why did he create buzz at the wrong moment?
So many questions and no answers.

What could be the possible reasons then?

#1 Betting
The major reason turning out to be is the betting on the US elections, which attracted an amount worth rupees 300 crores by the Indian bookies.
As per the sources, the Indian betting rates were: 38 paisas for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Rs 2.70 for the Republican nominee Donald Trump. Where the lesser rates signify that highly favorite have the chances to win. And as per the bookies, Clinton was a favorite across the globe.
The people involved in the betting were majorly from the cities Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad which was 300 crores at the initial stages but could have risen to 500 crores as the date was coming nearer.
This was all the black money which would have been put in the betting. Modi struck when the iron was hot.

#2 He had intuition that Trump was about to win
He might have somehow saw that Trump was about to win, the relation between India and US was surely about to boom. So, it was very necessary to eliminate the black money.

#3 The plan/idea was about to leak
The plan might have been announced and implemented in an emergency because it was about to leak. The plan was almost ready, so the government thought of launching it before its leakage.

There you go NaMo, you killed two birds with one stone.
Well obviously, Modi sought the matter of black money not only for today but for a long run by bringing in the NGC Technology. Also, he saved the country from betting that was about to take place on a huge level.
And no matter what people say about him that he stole the thunder of the US Elections, he definitely was the highlight as he won the hearts of the people and trust as well. Yes, Narendra Modi is a complete rockstar.

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