Home Blogs and Articles Why Did Kendall Jenner Delete Her Instagram Account?

Kendall has ‘selfied’ her way through 65.4 million followers.
But recently, the young model deleted her Instagram account.

But why did she delete her account?
Kendall wanted to go through a social media ‘detox’. It clicked her on a recent holiday trip when she was with her sister, Kylie.

Kylie couldn’t keep her hands off her phone.
Kendall and Kylie were on a vacation and that’s when it pissed Kendall’s senses off to find her sister continuously staring her phone. This made Kendall do away with the addiction.

People have zoned out on her due to social media, she must’ve felt.
So she decided that social media can take a back seat for a while and she should enjoy her life as it is.

She finds this indulgence offensive.
Even when she’s sitting for dinner with some people and they’re on their phones, she takes it personally that they don’t pay attention.

Is she not interesting enough to talk to?
She’s experienced that with her close friends and family as well. Especially, her sister, Kylie Jenner.

So, she decided to delete her account.

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