Home Badrinath ki Dulhaniya Why Badrinath ki Dulhaniya is not just another Bollywood Movie?

  1. The movie touches upon the social evil of gender inequality. It starts with the monologue of how Indian society perceives the birth of a girl child. Where a boy is considered as an ‘asset’, the female girl child is considered as a ‘liability’.

  2. The next big thing it talks about is yet again social evil of dowry. The film beautifully and quite firmly brings out the message that how in 21st century dowry still prevails and no matter how successful we are but we don’t think twice before asking for it.

  3. If you think it’s just another Alia Bhatt movie then think twice. Alia Bhatt’s acting is extremely natural with a very peculiar Eastern U.P. accent just like her co-star Varun Dhawan. Bhatt has managed to claim a lot of appreciation for her middle class girl role in the movie. Her performance is truly commendable as a successful air hostess with no exaggeration at all.                                                                                                                                      
  4. Varun Dhawan is not behind Alia in terms of acting at all. In fact, in my opinion, Dhawan is a step ahead than Alia and has done a stupendous role. His eastern U.P. accent is impeccable and his character feels just as natural as actually watching an upper middle-class U.P. boy.                                                                                              
  5. At last, the movie does not fail its viewers when it comes to female agency. The movie has done great justice in showing how much the agency of women matter and they should be given equal opportunity as any male of the society. In this regard, I think Alia’s role is a benchmark for upcoming Bollywood movies voicing women’s agency.





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