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The new love birds of season 10?
Yes, you read it right! Nitibha Kaul and Manveer Gurjar are the new hot topic of the town. They are definitely the new love birds in the mad house!

Rumours or reality?
All the other housemates are constantly discussing Nitibha and Manveer’s growing friendship. After the sudden exit of Manveer’s best friend Manu Punjabi, Nitibha has indeed been his support.

The picture says it all!
Nice head massage, Manveer!

Let the eyes do the talking!
The closeness and the proximity between the two are not hidden from anyone and especially in the Bigg Boss house where you are constantly under the evil eyes of the cameras.

Don’t they look cute together?
Be it the garden area or the bedroom, these two are now becoming inseparable. And by the way, they are also cigarette buddies!

Just good friends? Well, I don’t think so!
Amidst the pressure of winning the game, these two are often seen spending quality time together.

Wait, did they share the same bed?
Mona Lisa Antara, who is one of the best friends of Manveer, even teased them for sharing the same bed at night. Even though both of them denied this allegation but Nitibha was caught blushing.

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