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Asked police, media and public to change their outlook on women and crimes against them. He asked the police to take strict decision against crimes like eve teasing and molestation to treat them with more severity.

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Ever since Yogi Adityanath took the other as the new CM of UP, he has been extremely stern in the execution of law and order. The new CM has asked his fellow Police officers and ministers to keep a close watch on the social media to avoid any threat to public harmony.

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He has taken an extremely bold step in asking all the fellow ministers to disclose their wealth. Right after he was sworn into the office of CM, he issued this statement and has given these ministers a time of 15 days.

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In his endeavor to keep a check on crimes against women, he has deployed ‘Anti Romeo Squad’ in public places and specifically in universities and malls.

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One of the best things to do so far is to ban the use of tobacco in and around the government office premises. Finally we will get rid of those red stained walls on every floor of every government building.

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