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The first bisexual model.
September 1993’s cover was met with a lot of narrow eyes for featuring Toto Koopman, the first openly bisexual, biracial model to be on the cover page. She later went on to become a spy during WWII.

First ever ethnic cover page model.
Donyale Luna went down to the pages of history in 1966 by being the first ethnic woman to grace the cover of Vogue. Her striking beauty definitely leaves a mark on you.

The first black cover girl.
Naomi Campbell was the first ever black woman to be on the cover page of any Vogue in 1988. This decision by Anna Wintour was met with quite a few stunned looks but right she was! Over the years Campbell went on to become one of world’s most renowned supermodels and gave gorgeous shots.

First guy to ever grace the cover.
July 1970 was a breakthrough year for men when Helmut Berger became the first man to be featured on the Vogue cover page. We can see why!

The most beautiful woman ever lived.
Lady Di, as she was lovingly called definitely made for one of the most beautiful cover pages ever. In her lifetime, she appeared 3 times on the cover of the magazine. And once after her sad demise.

The world still misses Diana.

And so do I.

Sexiest cover till date.
The sexiest feature till date. In April 1992, Vogue brought together the original gang of supermodels to pose together for the powerful 100th anniversary. Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell to only name a few. How many of them do you recognise?

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