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German Shephard

One of the most loved dog around the world, German Shephards are generally used for military, search and rescue purposes. Their ferociousness makes them most suitable for jobs in military and police. But don’t judge them by their looks, they are a treat to have as domestic dogs.

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One of the most loved breeds of all time, Labs come in many colors such as white, black and golden. Labs are the most fun loving dogs ever and are extremely easy to train. They are considered to be very intelligent and intuitive.


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Most photogenic dog ever is a Beagle! It is the most favorite poster dog of every dog brand. Always cheerful, they’re the best companion that anyone can ask for and have a life span up to 10-15 years.


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Akita Inu

A typical Japanese breed, Akita Inu came into limelight with the movie Hachicko: A Dog Story in 2009. It is handsome, easy to keep and the most desirable pet out there. They are mostly suitable for cold climatic zones.

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Siberian Huskies

Almost resembling a wolf, Siberian Huskies are the most athletic, intelligent and can be sometimes challenging dogs. As the name suggests, they are most suitable for cold climatic zones.

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One of the most ferocious breeds of dogs in the world, a Rotweiler can be a bit difficult to tame. They are best suited for security purposes.

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