Home Blogs and Articles Top 5 Places in India to Play Holi!!

1. Banaras
What could be a better destination to celebrate Holi at the ghats of Benaras! The ghats of Ganga at Benaras and the perennial religious vibes just get to you and experiencing Holi at this spiritual place is one of the best experiences ever!

2. Vrindavan
Krishna’s city is yet another destination for all the Holi enthusiasts to try out this year. The festival is celebrated here for a week and the vibrancy of the city if worth experiencing.

3. Goa
Goa is not just famous for beaches and its party culture but is equally famous for its Holi or Shigmo celebration. You definitely do not want to miss you celebrating the festival of colours on a sunny afternoon on the sea side. It’s the perfect place to be this festive season with your family and friends.

4. Shantiniketan
Basant Utsav or Holi is celebrated here complimented with a cultural program put up by students of Vishwabharti University. People from adjoining districts and even from other countries especially gather to experience this joyous celebration.

5. Mumbai
At last, Amchi Mumbai succeeds in securing a spot in this list as one of the most favourite places to celebrate Holi. Being the Bollywood hub of the country, this country has its own charm of celebrating the most Bollywood-style Holi that one can experience.

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