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She’s Georgina Mortimer who was on a trip to St Lucia.
This 45-year-old lady spent 2000 British pounds on a Caribbean trip in St. Lucia with company ‘Girls for Sails’. This company was booked by British doctors for Georgina and is the one accredited by Royal Yacht Association.

And it was the second day of her trip when she was attacked by some stranger and being raped.
Georgina Mortimer from Hitchin, Herts, who was raped while on holiday in the Caribbean. Collect picture of Georgina on the holiday where she was attacked. Picture by Damien McFadden: 07968 308252
Georgina said that the second night of her holiday was the hell disgusting one. She was resting in her bedroom when someone broke into her room of the villa.

Georgina shared the whole situation.
She was told that the front door would be locked and she was sharing the villa with 2 instructors and suddenly she found herself being strangled and raped by some stranger. Those 15 minutes were like hell till when someone knocked her door and attacker went away.

Police were called and Georgina was sent to the hospital for examination.
She was offered medication so as to safeguard from sexually transmitted diseases and treatment for bruising.

When she complained the firm, she thought of getting the refund but the company offered her a manicure and a massage.

She is now suing and has filed a report against both the organisations ‘Girls for Sails’ and ‘Royal Yachting Association.

And, this is not the first time that a woman is experiencing a rape case in St. Lucia as…
There were almost 60 cases of rapes on this small island last year.

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