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Aluminum, the most abundant metal in the planet’s crust, is widely used in industries and domestic areas.
In plants, fruits and spices, this element is existing as a microelement. Moreover, a compound with the said element, aluminum sulfate is utilized as a water purifying agent. Almost everyday in our lives, we can never get away from aluminum. That’s why, they’re more likely to be ingested everyday. But then, even we see no harm from using this regularly, in the long run, scientists have proven something.

The published article is entitled “Risk Assessment of Using Aluminum Foil in Food Preparation”
It was published in the International Journal of Electrochemical Science in 2012. The study was carried out to see the direct link of aluminum foil usage on food and food contamination and was conducted by researchers from the United Arab Emirates and Egypt

Using aluminum foil in cooking as a more ‘convenient’ channel for metal leaching.
Leaching, or the ability of the substance to seep through a compound, a body or a chunk, in aluminum foil does not necessarily differ from its liquid and gaseous states. Whether we like it or not, even the very minute, microscopic molecules of aluminum can be broken down, especially when the aluminum is subjected to high temperature. You know, when chemical expansion occurs, some elements would react and would move freely.

Health risks were now linked to excessive aluminum usage.
For one, researchers are looking at the direct link of too much use of aluminum with Alzheimer’s disease. They have this hypothesis that the disease is triggered by the industrialization of the planet, including the wide use of aluminum to household activities like in food preparation.

Moreover, aluminum can negatively affect the excretory and skeletal systems.
Particularly, there would be a high risk on bone diseases, renal impairment, and possibly, brain cells would reduce in productivity and development.

Think twice when using aluminum foil, my friends.
If you do not want these problems to arise within your system, you have a choice.

Scientists are now recommending the public to consider alternative utensil materials to prevent negativities.
They are strongly recommending the use of ceramics, porcelain and glasses.

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