Home Blogs and Articles This Indian Bruce Lee Is Famous For His Numerous World Records

He is K. J. Joseph, a resident of Munnar, Kerala.
Joseph is a Karate Master and is popularly known as Indian Bruce Lee.

This 45-year-old man is a bundle of energy and talent.
An Ayurvedic practitioner by profession is a martial arts trainer as well.

Joseph is a great follower of martial arts king, Bruce Lee.
And inspired by his skills, Joseph through his iron will and countless efforts successfully earned the crown of being Indian Bruce Lee.

Joseph made the world record too.
He has landed the world record of doing 82 push-ups in 60 seconds.

Joseph walked into the record books.
When he broke the world record of doing 79 push-ups in a minute, which was held by American Ron Hooper.

This Indian Bruce Lee is also known as Iron Man.
He bent three 17.99 mm iron rods with bare hands.

Making to record books isn’t a big deal for Joseph.
Because Joseph earlier made it to the world records by doing 2,092 push-ups in an hour.

Joseph has set a great example for all such people.
Who doesn’t believe in sweating out in the gym, to stay healthy? Joseph has never even stepped into the gym and relies on a healthy and regular diet.

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