Home Blogs and Articles This Dog’s Breed Is Banned In Many Countries. Do You Know Why?

This dog generally weighs around 60 to 90 kg.
Depending on whether it is bred in Japan, the dog may weigh differently, but the general characteristics of this breed remain the same.

It is banned in many areas.
In the UK, the Tosa dog was banned in 2000 because of being too dangerous. Belonging to the fighter dog family, this dog has some violent streaks.

It’s got legal matters even in Australia.
The Australian government has strictly said that it will not insure homes with this dog breed because it is considered dangerous.

It is banned in other countries as well.
Denmark, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Malaysia, New Zealand, Turkey, Norway, Singapore, and Tunisia have banned this dog breed as well.

Many don’t even get ownership rights.
In other countries, if families would like to adopt the Tosa breed, they don’t receive ownership rights which make it illegal to adopt the dog.

Its breeding started in the 19th century.
The aim to breed the Tosa dog was to get a large and powerful dog. Many large sized dog breeds like the European Spitz, Great Dane, and Bull Terrier were bred together to create the Tosa.

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