Home Blogs and Articles These Strange Facts About Animal Tongue Will Hit Your Curiosity

1. Giraffe
With a great neck, comes a great tongue. The giraffe can extend its 18 inches (45 cm) mouth muscle to clean off bugs from its face or to feed. They have a habit of rolling their tongues over and over due to instinctive tendencies towards suckling the milk of their mothers. But don’t consider them childish! The tongue of a giraffe is strong enough to deal with the thorny bushes and trees to cope up with their diet.

Yeah, gimme that!

2. Cats
These are not thorns, nor are they hair. They are simply called, papillae. They are backward rolled spines, which do the job of a hairbrush to clean off the body of a cat, which tells us that cats are really hygienic. Nice, though I got frightened when I first saw it. I wonder what happens to the milk which we sometimes drink after the cat licks it out, from that TONGUE! Oh my God!

3. Chameleons
This fantastic reptile is the best in class predator. Yes, of course, it can change its color according to the surrounding, but also, the chameleons hold the ability to stick out its tongue and hit the prey in 30 thousandths part of a second. Also, the length of the tongue of this camouflaging reptile is twice its size. Talkative? Nope!

4. Giant Anteater
Weird and amazing! The giant anteater has a tongue which is about 60 cms long. The tongue is about wrapped in thick saliva that helps it to ensnare ants. Also, this animal can flick its tongue from its mouth for about 150 times in a minute. Terrific!

5. Snake

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