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1. Golden Gate Bridge
We often see the Golden Gate Bridge in movies and television series, but this is definitely an unusual shot of the iconic structure.

2. Hustle and bustle of San Francisco
The city of San Francisco is known for its incredible fog but this picture was taken with a clear view. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

3. Beautiful Alaska
Usually, people think of Alaska as a cold place, but Toby Harriman proves that it’s also an ideal summer paradise.

4. Cold And Majestic
Toby Harriman knows that changing the color of this image would enhance the grand yet terrifying atmosphere of this view.

5. Glaciers In Alaska
With remarkable shots like this, it’s no wonder that Toby Harriman has had his works published in the Digital Photo Magazine UK, Plus One Magazine, and in Practical Photography Magazine.

6. Light Pollution
This is an evidence of light pollution that has characterised the city of San Francisco.

7. Morning fog
This is perhaps Toby Harriman’s most beautiful shot. Just looking at the metal structure makes one realise that it’s the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s subtle and effective.

8. A wide view
Toby Harriman is inspired to do his work because of all the attention he is getting online and offline. He has been interviewed numerous times to talk about his photography skills.

9. Colorado’s autumn season
I love how Harriman is able to combine both the cold mountains and the bright, refreshing colors of the trees below.

10. Modern skyscrapers
San Francisco is a densely populated city. In fact, it’s the 13th biggest city in the United States if we’re talking about population alone.

11. Nature in Colorado
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to drive down that road while enjoying the view with all those tall and colorful trees?

12. Mysterious and cloudy
It’s not just another photo of a mountain, as Harriman gave an emphasis to the clouds surrounding the grand landscape.

13. The Maroon Bells in Colorado
This is a favorite photography spot. It shows the stunning peaks of the Maroon Bells located in the Elk Mountains in Colorado.

14. Passing by the bridge
Toby Harriman never actually imagined that he would be able to work in San Francisco since he grew up in Colorado.

15. Alaskan beauty
If you want a place in the United States that offers the best natural spots for relaxation, you should definitely go to Alaska.

16. Sunset in San Francisco
Enjoying the morning view of the San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge is fantastic, but the sunset can also be magical.

17. Colorado’s scenic views
Not only is Colorado home to snowy mountains, but it also has a desert and some river canyons for tourists to enjoy seeing.

18. Organized city
San Francisco might be a crowded place, but that doesn’t mean it’s chaotic. San Francisco has been planned masterfully to look orderly.

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