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Have you ever wanted to have super powers?
I’ve always wanted to have extraordinary skills, including the ability to read other people’s minds and to be abe to teleport whenever I want to.

Well, advanced technology has allowed people to acquire their own superpowers.
And you don’t even need to get bitten by a spider or ingest any toxic substance like in comic books.

1. Want to shoot fire from your wrist?
If you’ve dreamed of shooting fire out of your hands, you’ll love this.

It’s called the Pyro Mini Fireshooter and it allows you to spew fire from your wrists.
The device is made of two parts: the shooter with a wrist strap and the wireless remote control. The fireballs can shoot as far as 30 feet.

2. Want to climb like a Spider-Man?
A talented team of engineering students from the Utah State University made this excellent vacuum-assisted device to fulfill your dream.

This device allows you to move like Spider-Man.
The device is primarily a vacuum motor that activates two suction paddles that can stick to glass or brick. Weight won’t be an issue because it can support as much as 700 pounds.

3. Want to control any object?
Don’t worry, this won’t mean having the terrifying ability to control the minds of other people.

Researchers from the University of Minnesota created the device.
The device gives you the ability to control several objects around you using a ‘mind control’ helmet. This helmet has 64 electrode sensors that will read your brain signals. These signals will then be sent to a computer responsible for moving a drone.

4. Want some strength like Superman?
For this, you don’t need to wear your underwear outside like filmy Superman. It’s all about the exoskeleton.

One of the best exoskeletons is the Raytheon XOS 2.
This was made for the U.S. Army, and it utilises high-pressure hydraulics to help you lift heavy stuff. Thus, lifting objects repeatedly will no longer make you tired.

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