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Then | Picture of Antietam Dunker Church.
Dead Bodies captured on September 1862 at the Dunker Church in Antietam, Maryland.

Now Antietam Dunker Church looks like this.
America has witnessed many civil wars, and the battle of Antietam is famously known as the bloodiest single day battle in the American history.

Then | Picture of Sudley Springs.

Picture of Sudley Springs now.
The first ever major battle for land took place around these springs only.

Then | Picture of Slave auction house, Alexandria.
This place used to be the second largest slave centre in the US, the first position belonged to New Orleans.

Now this place has changed completely.
The building has now become totally opposite of what it used to be. It is now known as the Freedom House Museum.

Then | Picture of Cumberland Landing.
By moving its forces to Cumberland Landing in 1862, the major Union Army in the Eastern theater of the war launched its offensive.

Now it has changed a bit.
The land which witnessed war in 1862, now looks like this.

Then | Brompton Oak.
After the battle of Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg in May 1864, wounded soldiers had set up their camp under this tree.

That oak tree still stands alert.

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