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Disability is not a curse.
It baffles me when most people in the 21st century construct the contrary notion that individuals with a disability are people suffering from curses. When that is not a curse, but a blessing to see the world differently.
They are stronger than ever. Also, disability is not an inability.
If you are disabled in a way, it does not mean that you are unable. It just means that you have certain limitations. Anyone who does not want to be productive will find a lot of reasons not to do so. And those who are actually disabled, they tend to find ways to work on their limitations instead of letting their disability define them as cursed or unable to do things.

Harsh along with a friend took a journey to create a platform for the disabled.
The platform is called “We, included.” The platform presents the world through the eyes of differently abled using the medium of stories.

Their main motive is to make people acquainted with the facts of their daily life.
How they take up challenges? How they live their life? How they push their own limits? It is just a simple step to make the disabled feel more important and liable to all happiness, dreams and struggles.

Isn’t the initiative one in a million?
If you wish to bring a smile on the face of a person who is ‘unique’ or even wish to bring a change in the way society treats them, you can easily sign up for the launch and get notified once the website will be up.

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