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Air India Bombing 1985.
On June 23, 1985, a Boeing 747 left Montreal for London en route New Delhi with 329 passengers on board. The flight never made it to New Delhi and crashed near the west coast of Ireland after a mid-air bomb blast over the Irish airspace.

More than 300 people died.
The report says that the Canadian agencies failed to heed credible intelligence that the airlines were likely to come under attack. A former diplomat stated that electronic intercepts came in just days before the attack but was not given any importance to the threat. This attack is known to be one of the deadliest in aviation history, all the 329 passengers on board were killed in the assault.

Peshawar School Massacre 2014.
Considered as one of the most ruthless and inhumane acts of terrorism, this attack questioned the sanity of mankind. Six Taliban gunmen entered the Army Public School in Peshawar and started shooting innocent children. The attacks were led by a Pakistani terrorist organization Tehreek-e-Taliban, whose second in command was one of those three prisoners who was handed over to the local agencies by US Officials, just eight days before the attack.
The tragedy could have been avoided as a vital piece of information was shared with the authorities before this rampage. Even the school administration was concerned regarding the height of boundary walls that could have proved to be an obstacle for the attackers.

Mumbai 26/11 Attacks.
A series of coordinated shootings and bombings that terrorized the city for four continuous days exposed major loopholes in the intelligence structure of three major powers of the world. Considered to be the worst of all terrorist attacks, this one left a scar on the Indian authorities that lagged in coordination with the US and UK intelligence agencies.

Hundreds of guests were trapped inside The Taj.
The report says that Indian and British intelligence agencies tracked online activities of the mastermind behind these attacks but could not connect the dots. Even the US companies picked up spots of the plot and shared it with the authorities months before the assault.

World Trade Centre 9/11 Attack.
In 1998, US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were attacked by simultaneous bombings which killed more than 200 people. The attacks were linked to Al-Qaeda that brought Osama bin Laden to the attention of the American authorities. By early intensive actions, 9/11 could have been prevented by eradicating the roots of this organization before the attacks.

The Bush administration got several warnings before the attack.
A report stated that the administration already had intel about some credible threats, but did not respond accordingly. The coordination between CIA and FBI was not efficacious enough, and the airport security proved to be incompetent as well.

Paris Attacks 2015.
On November 13, suicide bombers and gunners simultaneously attacked local restaurants, a stadium, and a concert hall killing more than 130 people with hundreds injured on the streets of Paris. Even the Parisian officials admitted that the attacks were avoidable as the intelligence authorities failed in their duties. The officials agreed that the terrorists were on the radar of the agencies and the attacks at the Bataclan concert hall were potentially evasive.

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