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1. Value your partner and make him feel special:
When you are in a relationship, your partner expects more out of you, even if s/he doesn’t tell you that, s/he would always want you to understand and read their mind. Doing things for somebody would surely give them a feeling of pleasure but, doing something voluntarily takes it to another level. It makes your partner feel that they hold a very important place in your life, important enough that their silence is also treated as spoken words. This can be even about smaller to smaller things but this is how they evaluate their value in your life.

2. Have trust:
A relationship is not all about loving someone or being loved by someone; it is also about the amount of trust you have with your partner. Always remember that your trust should be directly proportional to your love towards him/her. Trust is the base to your relation which always makes your relation stand strong. So never let Jealousy or enviousness ruin your relationship.

3. Don’t bring in ego:
Most of us usually suffer from ego but we must not let it be a part of our relationship: Where there are two minds involved, there are chances to have disagreements as they have different mindsets, but it is not always necessary that the person having a different opinion with you is wrong, don’t always try to prove yourself right. In a relationship you expect your partner to have the same opinion as you do but they do not have so, it should not come to your ego.

4. If discussions turn into arguments, stop right there:
Relationships are not meant for winning or losing that you have to score more by winning an argument. Keeping quiet also works to maintain a good relationship; you may skip that discussion for that time and give things some time to settle. This is proven fact that statements given in anger are just to make the other person hurt, they may not mean to be true but works enough to make you regret on what you have said in anger as nothing can be erased but ignored.

5. Try to be a mirror image:
Try to understand his/her requirements and expectations out of you and figure out where do you actually lack and what can be improved more. Matching of thoughts with your partner reduces the chances of conflicts between the two of you.

6. Make your partner feel free:
Give your partner some space to be with himself/ herself. Let him/her spend time with old friends and keep them free for hanging out. If your partner wants to travel somewhere or want to go out, let them do what they want, we should not be setting any boundation for them. Seeking for space does not mean that your partner does not want you anymore; he/ she might just get peace out of it.

7. Don’t let him feel that his life has changed a lot:
Women are adaptable to changes but men are mostly not. They are always a little skeptic about taking over responsibilities and since commitment and marriage is a big responsibility for them, they usually take time to accept the fact that their life is going to be changed a lot. They usually connect it with their independence. So it’s your responsibility to make them feel that things are not going to be changed but will turn more beautiful.

8. Don’t give instant reactions:
In relationships, it often happens that you react to certain things immediately without giving a thought of the consequences. Instant reaction always spoils the things. Hence you must always think and then act or better to stay quiet when you think your partner is not in a position to understand anything. You can always put your part when things cooled down.

9. Let him plan his own vacations:
If your partner plans to go for a vacation without you, it’s no big deal. They don’t want to stay away from you, I agree, but why not to let them feel your absence and then understand your importance. It is the best way to make them feel your importance as “distance always brings people closer”

10. Always try to be more assertive:
It is very common between two people that they have their different opinions about things that are coming across. You might or might not like something he/she is habitual of, try not to tell that in a way that it hurts their ego or feelings as negative words always leave a bad impression.

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