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You will have to face enormous pain.
“To truly laugh, you need to take your pain and play with it.” – Chaplin
Suffering will become part of your daily life. Every person who embarks on a journey to success will feel this pain. Nothing comes easy on a voyage to success, but remember every painful journey ends with success. See each day as a blessing, an opportunity. You can’t escape trouble; you can’t avoid pain, but you can face these difficulties. It will mentor you further towards your success.

You’ll feel like giving up.
Hold on, don’t give up too quickly. It’s a stage of failure in which you’ll feel directionless, hopeless, and you’ll intensely feel lost. Things like this happen to everyone, don’t worry. It is just a part of a phase.
Hold on to your emotion, take control of things, be your motivation. Do something that reminds you of how badly you need this success; you’re not a quitter, I know that. A successful person never gives up; they rise to the situations.

Even the most passionate relationship would come to an end.
As you’ll move upward in your life, there will always be a handful of people who’re not going to support you and wouldn’t be willing to go uphill with you. They’ll leave you in between. Success demands a tremendous amount of sacrifice and effort. Remember, not everyone can afford this; that’s why not everyone is successful in their lives.
You’ll have to lose even the most passionate relationships, which you want to carry all your life. But, as you succeed your paths will narrow; there are fewer people at the top.
Maybe that’s why successful people have been spotted saying “It’s lonely at the top.”

If you want to succeed in life, learn how to handle discouragement.
There’s famous quote “Keep your dreams close to your chest.”
The human mind is designed to believe Negative more quickly than the Positive. When you embark on a journey that no one has tried before when you walk on the road less traveled, you’ll meet many ‘small-minded’ people who’ll discourage you, doubt you, and in many cases, they’ll stop you from chasing your dreams.
They’ll fill your heart with frustrations, anger, non-satisfaction, that you start doubting your ideas, and shrink your thoughts. Increase your immune level for these people; they’ve achieved nothing in their life, and they want to prove themselves right by stopping you.
Work silently, and let your success do the talking!

Hate is a four letter word, and so is Love, but not everyone understands this.
Yes! People will hate you, and it’s simple to understand this because people don’t like other successful individuals. There’s sense of jealousy with those people because you stand out from the crowd, you get respect everywhere, and you’re humbly following your dreams.
And it can get tricky sometimes because people you don’t want to lose would feel that jealousy for you. Don’t waste your energy on them, and remember, there will be certain people in your life who’ll never be satisfied with you, no matter how good you’re doing things in your life.
Use these people to learn and build your experience, let their jealousy fuel your passion. Success is great revenge. Use your haters to make you more awesome.

The Catch: Even after doing all these, you’ll FAIL.
You did everything right, took risks, lost relationships, and by this time you’ve already turned many friends into enemies, yet you’ll FAIL.
Wondering why? Because,
FAILURE is just another stage for you to achieve success. Still didn’t get this? Well, read the TITLE of this story again.
When you fail, people will criticize you, humiliate you, those who left you midway would feel proud of their decision, but you’re not a quitter my friend. I know you’ll pick up all those broken pieces and start all over again. Time again. Again. The only thing that can now stop you from achieving your goals is only your decision not to complete it.
The only purpose of a failure is to prepare you and fine-tune you for the Success.

And you’re going to shout; it’s WORTH IT.
Trust the process; you’ll have to believe what you’re doing is good for everyone. When the right ideas get converted into ‘absolutely’ right actions, there’s nothing you cannot achieve.
It all begins right inside you. When you passionately fall in love with a purpose, your soul pushes you hard to follow it. Visions of the world have brought many revolutions. All you need is a vision to achieve something that can change the world.
Your success lies in doing what’s needs to be done to achieve your goals. Money and end results are nothing but a reward. That’s why you’re born human, isn’t it? To serve your purpose, to put an impact.
When you see that your words are heard, your life inspires, and your purpose influences other people lives, then you’ll understand it’s all worth it. Trust me, in the end; you’re going to shout this it was all worth it!

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