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The first picture with the daughter, Carrie who was born on 21st Oct 1956.
Pop singer Eddie Fisher and actor Debbie Reynolds were blessed with the baby girl on 21 October 1956.

Eddie and Debbie proudly gazing at their beautiful daughter in 1956.

Fisher was asked in an interview…
“Who’s more famous than Debbie and Eddie? He answered, C-3PO and Darth Vader.”
Eddie Fisher was one of the most prominent and affluent pop artists of the 1950s; the couple divorced in 1959.

Fisher family, happy times, 1956.

Cute Carrie with her proud parents, 1956.

Ohh, that innocent look of Carrie Fisher.
Debbie Reynolds left her house on Sept 9, 1958, with her 23-year-old daughter, Carrie Fisher to visit friends in Los Angeles, California. Husband Eddie Fisher and Miss Reynolds later revealed their separation.

A picture clicked in 1959.

Before the couple got separated…
They also had a son, Todd Fisher, born in Feb 1959.

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