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This actor and actress duo is trying hard to win a spot in a director’s good books

This actress was linked to a director in the past, though both did not come out in open about their relationship. But now she is keen to flaunt her connections, though the director seems to be keeping a safe distance from her.

Says a source, `This actress and another actor she is related to recently hosted a bash for their industry friends; they sent out invites to everyone. They even made the necessary calls, as they were keen to show off their clout in the industry. This director’s name too was on the invitees’ list, but he chose to give it a miss.`

Not one to be bogged down easily, the actor, whose film released recently, organised multiple screenings and made it a point to again invite the director. Here too, the director didn’t turn up.
`The actor was hoping that he would get a chance to show his work to the director, especially since the latter is known to provide a launch pad to young talent.

Unfortunately for him, the filmmaker did not turn up at the screening or the party. But the actor still wants to flaunt his connections with the director and he has been praising the director’s upcoming film in a bid to ingratiate himself with the latter,` adds the source.

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