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Inside Sheroes hangout: The air was not conditioned but…
As soon as I entered the cafe, there was a vibe of confidence in the air. Their face enlightened with a big smile greeted all my pain and worries away. It was the first time I just let my heart out and took a place, settled down opening the menu card.

I was surprised to see that there were no rates on the menu card!
I quickly called over Rupa to ask if the menu card I was holding was right. To my surprise, she asked me to order whatever I want and pay whatever amount I want to in return. She also told me that it is their tradition not to ask for money and let people have a wonderful time rather than pinch their pockets a little for cash.

Just on the colorfully decorated walls were shelves full of inspirational books.
Apart from the abstract cartoons and colorful walls, there were the books that held my heart in awe. While being a book fanatic, I already had been through my share of Robinson Crusoe and Nancy Drew but it never hurts a book lover to go through the same books again. Does it?

The surprise that I noticed while strolling around the cafe were the well-displayed clothes.
It seems like time has passed and the pain has numbed. The girls are already looking forward to a beautiful life ahead, living their dreams.
“I have a love for designs and these are all mine,” said Rupa with a laugh that can be described as a child accomplishing everything in the world. She has a fascination for fashion designing. In fact, you can buy her clothes there at the cafe.

Aren’t they beautiful?
With those fairy lights on the windows and a dreamy feel to the aura of the cafe, it is their own small world there.

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