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Meet the woman who had sex for a lot of mornings.

She started it at Christmas.
She gave herself a challenge that she will have sex every morning. It was a big decision after she quit the gym and switched over to Class pass.
And she took an all cleanse diet. Surviving on Juice, as it is called. But the first day when she tried being cosy with her partner, to her surprise, her partner was quite interested. And she had an amazing day.

She was not in the mood of having sex next morning because she felt weak. But her partner was up for it. She tried and got down to the action and she had a wonderful day again.
She told this to her partner and he almost laughed.

The alarm name was renamed to “Bang Time”. And she started changing positions and experimenting a lot in bed and out of bed as well.

They started slaying the sleep position; it was like everything went smooth to make way for a good time in the morning.

But one-day things turned unfortunate. They got late to work and had to have it quickly then she realised that she has to work more and play less.
The next morning was a lot horny than expected. She thought her vagina might be worn out by this point of time but it was the other way around. Whatever the reason was, she was ready to go down to business.

Last Day!Last Day!
She was borderline giddy about it; just the fact that they will get back to the morning sex when they want to and not just because they had to came to an end.
Sex every morning is something that sounds very pleasing and fun to do but in reality, it is a pain. You cannot do it daily.

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