Home Blogs and Articles Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Scrap Its Iconic Home Button

Earlier, it was reported that…
..the handset would feature a sleeker design, an improved camera, and an enhanced artificial intelligence service.

The speculation also started to emerge, suggesting that it would pack an edge-to-edge 4K OLED display.
However, if we take a look at the recent report, it would appear that Samsung isn’t actually going to adopt a 4K Panel, instead, an upgrade to the QHD panel that is a 2K screen.

Fresh off its acquisitions of the artificial intelligence software company Viv Labs will also offer…
…consumer access to useful information ranging from weather to flight information based on the user’s individual activity.

The latest internal prototypes of the premium Galaxy S8 handset include…
…a button on the side of the smartphone that would be used to launch a beefed-up virtual assistant, revealed the WSJ (The Wall Street Journal) in a post published on its website on Monday, November 7.

The news comes shortly after Samsung’s Executive VP Rhee Injong confirmed that…
The South Korean company is setting its recent purchase of Siri-maker Viv Labs to the good use, by generating its own assistant that will play nice with its home appliances and wearables.

What’s particularly intriguing is a death of the classical home button.
Doesn’t it seem like Samsung is likely to follow in Apple’s footstep? But mainly for screen bezel-slimming purpose.

Samsung needs to present ‘a champion’ to preserve its reputation.
Besides the reputation, it also needs to recoup the upwards of $6billion in costs and lost profit from the Note 7 debacle.

Unfortunately, it looks like fans may have to wait a little longer to get their hands on Samsung’s new flagship smartphone.
The WSJ believes that the Galaxy S8’s unveiling could come as late as April 2017. As it’ll reportedly conduct more meticulous tests on the Galaxy S8 to assure that it’s not doomed to the same fate as the now-recalled Galaxy Note7.
The S8 will now become Samsung’s de facto showcase phone.

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