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It is said that everyone has 7 doppelgangers across the world.
But wouldn’t it be awesome if you would look like a celebrity?

Navpreet Banga is a Canada-based fitness expert and Vlogger who looks like our very own Priyanka Chopra.
Recently, her pictures across social media are going viral because she resembles PeeCee so much.

Navpreet looks strikingly similar to Priyanka Chopra.

This 21-year-old is often confused with our desi celebrity.
So much so that even Priyanka heard about this wonderful doppelganger of hers.

Want to know what Priyanka Chopra had to say about this?
Her reaction was simply epic!

Here’s her tweet.
Even her mother got confused!

What would happen if these two were to star in a movie together?
Only awesomeness!

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