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Autos, for the women and by the women!
Behind the wheels are 548 strong and determined women who got the three-wheeler license from the Maharashtra Transport Department.

The perimeters behind the wheels
The outlines are not limited to the business capital of the country. Apart from the 465 women in the Mumbai Metropolitan region, it also ranges to 83 women from other parts of the state.

For the women who travel alone.
Extras: The name of the permits were announced through the autorickshaw permit lottery held on September 2016.

A wee bit better concerning the security of women
The aim behind painting these autos pink is to provide jobs to women and also to protect women straphangers from sexual harassment.

Preference to women passengers.
According to Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority, the autorickshaw can only carry women and their families, but there is no rule corresponding carrying male riders.

This is something which could change the lives of women drivers.
Shobha Halmukh, one of the autorickshaw driver, said, “I stay with my parents and always wanted to be self-employed. Being an auto driver will help to travel places and provide a sense of security to women.”

Mumbai is not the first city to start this initiative.
Mumbai is not the first Indian town to begin the pink auto initiative; Ranchi has already implemented the model in 2013, post the sinful Delhi gang-rape incident. Unfortunately, Ranchi had to shut down the service in 2015 due to the permit issues.

Kerala followed the gaits
Kerela introduced the first 24*7 She-Taxi promising to provide commuters with the firm and swift ride. The success has now taken to another height as Kerela is now preparing to have its first She-Bus, run by women for the ease of female passengers.

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