Home Blogs and Articles Obama Urges America To ‘Give Trump A Chance’

Obama answered questions for the first time after Americans elected their new president who sincerely had plans to dismantle Obama’s agenda.

Obama mentioned that Trump is sincere about his responsibilities.

“I don’t think he is ideological but is pragmatic and that will serve him good as long as he has good people around.”
Obama appeared in front of reporters to address them and answer their questions. He asked Americans to trust their new president and let him soak in the colors of being a president first.

While it is really hard for people to accept that Obama will be succeeded by someone like Trump.

Someone whose character is quite rhetoric and volatile.

He will definitely give America a run for taboos and emotions.
“It will be different with him,” Obama said. And while talking about Hillary loss, Obama already said yesterday, ‘Good Ideas Don’t Matter If People Don’t Hear Them’.

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