Home Blogs and Articles NASA Shows Off Closest Pictures Ever Of The Saturn’s Glorious Rings

NASA reveals the closest pictures ever of the rings of Saturn.
The images show scenes from high above Saturn’s atmosphere including its main rings.

The images of rings were sent by Cassini spacecraft.
Cassini was launched in 1997 to cover the distance of about 746 million miles among the planets.

So, the research on Saturn and its rings has been held since 2004.
Also, Cassini that was launched nearly 20 years ago, will dive down through rings every week.

The images of rings were last captured on December 2.

Cassini’s cameras captured the images on both December 2 and 3 just 2 days prior to the first ring-grazing approach.
The space agency used groundbreaking pictures to understand varying levels of sensitivity. The images reflect the unseen scenes of rings’ light wavelengths, clouds and particles from different angles.

Cassini’s imaging team leader Carolyn Porco stated on the whole matter,
“This is… the beginning of the end of our historic exploration of Saturn. We’ve lived in a bold and daring adventure around the solar system’s most magnificent planet.”

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