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Meet Monica Lewinsky!
After her studies, in 1995, with the family connection, Monica Lewinsky got to work as an intern in White House office. The same year, she was converted into paid staff in White House Legislative Affairs office.

She had everything…
What else a woman want in her life? Monica was enjoying White House job. She was just 22 when she joined. She was good looking, smart, educated and above all… she had a prestigious job inside the most powerful house in the world.

But she never knew, she would fall in love with the President and everything would turn…
Literally, she never had thought that her Wikipedia profile would turn into a bulky description of scandals and controversies one day.

A bitter turning point…
Monica Lewinsky fell in love with Bill Clinton. President also started liking her. When the White House and its staffs got to know about their nearness, controversy sparked and flourished. After a year, seniors transferred Monica from White House to the Pentagon because of her indigestible acts inside the office. The scandal was followed by the revelations of secrets between Clinton and Lewinsky when she shared everything about her ‘relationship with the President’ to her closest office mate. Life turned too difficult for her and the same year, Monica left the job.
Later, Lewinsky confessed that she had several sexual encounters with President inside White House.

Monica became characterless in the world’s eyes, so was Bill Clinton.
The scandal emerged as the worst part of Clinton’s tenure. Clinton had to confess the truth.
The reports of Washington Post stated: “I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate,” Clinton said from the historic Map Room at the White House, where he had testified to a federal grand jury for more than four hours earlier in the day. “In fact, it was wrong. It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on my part for which I am solely and completely responsible.”
Bill Clinton gave the above statement right after the end of his tenure.

Although, the scandal gave Monica a celebrity status.
She got the chance to work on TV, she had a variety of ventures in her bag. The reason? She became so famous after the scandal and was approached by many aspects.
But how long a woman could resist millions of people talking about her sexual relations with the man who rules the world? Monica left everything and stayed grounded.

Life was showing her its worst version…
She was broken. She thought of ending her life. She thought of killing all those who called her ‘slut’. But she was helpless, she could do nothing except staying silent. Because she knew nobody would respect her voices.
I can understand how she lived her every breathe.

Something was stopping her from giving up the life.

Monica is now an activist against Cyber Bullying!
She is actively working as an advisor for Bystander Revolution, an anti-bullying organization. She has started empowering women via her interviews, articles, speeches, Twitter etc.

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