Home Blogs and Articles Mommy Woes – 15 Things All New Mums Will Relate To

Too much concern pouring in.
The constant buzzing of our phones and doorbells from concerned family and friends just freak us out more than anything else in the world.

Innumerable (unsolicited) advises.
The most irritating part of being a new mommy is the plethora of advices that flow in from all corners of the world.

Being cautioned on more trouble ahead.
That just got me a little relaxed, thank you!

Sympathies and pampering sessions are a thing of past.
You are obviously in need of a little sympathy, empathy, and some understanding but all you get to hear is “Been there done that. No big deal!” What happened to all that pampering I was enjoying till just a few months back?

How everything you are doing is so not right!
You are judged (in the negative) for everything and anything you do. Even cleaning your baby’s bum in front of a scrutiny pro aunt suddenly seems like a herculean task.

Overwhelming times and crying bouts.
“Why didn’t someone tell me about this earlier?”, you ask. Everything is just too overwhelming, and tears roll down your eyes every time you are in need of sleep and your baby starts crying for food/poop/more sleep/don’t know what.

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