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Michael Owen is a former Liverpool striker.
Thus, he knows what it means to be part of such a tremendous team.

He believes that Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp should get a new goalkeeper.
But why should Klopp follow Michael Owen’s suggestion?

In January, transfers will be made available for Liverpool.
Thus, this is the perfect time for Klopp to think about possible recruits.

Michael Owen believes that Liverpool already has a strong team.
After all, Liverpool currently has Daniel Sturridge, Roberto Firmino, Philippe Coutinho, Sadio Mané, and Joël Matip among others.

But he thinks that Liverpool needs a better goalkeeper.
Does he believe that the current Liverpool goalkeeper isn’t formidable?

Jurgen Klopp took Loris Karius this year and paid 4 million Euros.
Since then, Karius has managed to replace Simon Mignolet as the top pick.

Owen is unsure of what Klopp is thinking of Liverpool.
He believes that Klopp’s decisions will be based on any possible injuries or losses.

For now, Owen is proud of the Liverpool team.
He thinks that the only thing that needs more polishing is the goalkeeper.

Recently, Liverpool won against Crystal Palace with a great 4-2 score.
Alan Pardew manages Crystal Palace, and it is based in London.

So far, Liverpool is performing as greatly as Manchester United and Arsenal.
If Liverpool keeps getting more goals, they can soon be at the top spot.

The last time Liverpool became the no. 1 team was in May 2014.
Liverpool cannot wait to be at the top again.

Last Sunday, Liverpool got six goals against Watford.
If they keep on winning and scoring many goals, they will be the top team again.

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