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The legalisation of marijuana is on a rise in the…
The United States, all due to its medicinal and recreational uses. There are reports that most states of the country have listed marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. The same status as that of heroin, crack or crystal meth.

Referring to the reefers, there are lots of research that are underway…
To study the long-term effects of puffing on.

Studies on cannabis smoking have focussed on the medical cures that the drug has provided…
Whereas, in a new research, the smokers are observed for a long period of time. They smoke the drug that they get on the streets and scientists are examining the effects on the brain due to regular and continuous pot-puffing.

There is still a research going on as these findings are quite recent, only two years old.
There are indications of ease of the symptoms of bipolar disorder and increase in anxiety-related signs.

There are reports that the brain rewires itself to repetitive want of marijuana if done for a long time.
FYI, rewiring is not the same as addiction. But, this does imply that one gets more inclined towards consumption of the drug, more than anything else. Which mat later lead to a reliance on the drug.

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