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Back in January, Murtaza Ahmadi was seen wearing a shopping bag.
Specifically, Ahmadi’s plastic bag had Lionel Messi’s name on it. Aside from this, the number 10 was written.

His family lived in the Ghazni province in Afghanistan and they are impoverished.
It was believed that he and his family had to leave for Pakistan in May because of the conflict in Afghanistan.

Murtaza Ahmadi was able to watch Messi, thanks to a solar-powered television.
TOPSHOT - Afghan boy five-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi, a young Lionel Messi fan, plays football in Kabul on February 1, 2016. Barcelona star Lionel Messi is hoping to arrange a meeting with an Afghan boy who shot to fame after pictures of him dressed in a striped plastic bag jersey went viral, Kabul's football federation said on February 1. AFP PHOTO / SHAH Marai / AFP / SHAH MARAI (Photo credit should read SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images)

He was incredibly inspired by Lionel Messi to play football.
Sadly, it seemed like there was no chance for him to actually see Messi face to face.

Thankfully, Messi saw his viral image and decided to give him a signed shirt.
And if you’re a huge football fan, you would know that a shirt signed by Messi costs a lot of money.

Now, his dream to finally meet Lionel Messi has come true.
The boy was sent to Doha in Qatar to meet his football hero.

Messi was smiling as he carried the Afghan boy.
The football superstar saw Murtaza Ahmadi waiting for him while wearing a Barcelona shirt.

Lionel Messi and the rest of FC Barcelona are in Qatar to have a friendly match.
They will be playing against Al-Ahli Dubai FC. This team is noted as one of the best football teams in the United Arab Emirates.

Previously, Messi met another kid who was a big fan of him.
The kid had Laurin-Sandrow syndrome and he had to have his legs amputated. To make him feel happy, Messi decided to play football with him.

Let’s all commend Lionel Messi for being such an approachable football superstar.
Moreover, let us hope that Murtaza Ahmadi’s family gets out of poverty soon.

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