Home Blogs and Articles Kylie Jenner Is Selling Her Mansion… But Why?

Kylie is planning to sell this home.
This was her first home and now Kylie is planning to gain huge profits from it.

It is a 5,154 square-foot house.
Kylie purchased it to use the home as a workplace so she could comfortably carry out her work.

She wanted to work from home.
She had set up the HQ for Kylie Cosmetics there and she would also work on her app.

She’s captured this home on Snapchat so many times.
Kylie was really happy with the space and she loved this place.

This home was built in 2012.
Kylie has worked with interior designer, Jeff Andrews, to personalize this gorgeous mansion.

It is a wonderful home!
It consists of four bedrooms and four baths. Other amenities include a walk-in closet etc.

Kylie has given us tour multiple times.
Her Snapchat is full of videos of this gorgeous home. Wondering where she’d be moving next?

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