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The couple is very much in love.
Kylie and Tyga are no strangers to expressing their love in public and in private.
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They’ve started the near year on a lovely note.
As we all know that Tyga got a huge ‘Kylie’ tattooed on his arm to express his love for young Miss Jenner. As it turns out, Kylie has finally decided to return the favour to her long-term boyfriend.

That’s Tyga’s tattoo.
Do you want to check out Kylie’s tattoo? Keep reading.

Can you notice it?
Look closer to find out where Kylie decided to get inked.

It’s on her ankle.
Kylie got a miniature ‘T’ tattoo for Tyga on her ankle by celebrity tattoo artist, Rafael Valdez.

This was her 6th tattoo.
Kylie Jenner is no stranger to miniature tattoos since she’s got 5 more on her body.

The couple has been together for nearly 2 years now.
Kylie and Tyga have been together since before Kylie turned 18. She’s 19 now.

The relationship has been on and off.
Even though KYGA has seen bumps in their relationship, but the couple is stronger than ever now.

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