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Action star Jackie Chan says now that he is in his ’60s, he will need to change as a performer to continue working. The 63-year-old star says he cannot stick to action roles always, reported GQ magazine.

“I know I’m not young anymore. I cannot continue to make ‘Rush Hour 1, 2, 3, 4, 5’. If I’m (to) continue on in the film industry. I have to change. Otherwise, you’re gone. You see in Japan, Korea, America, China, Hong Kong. How many action stars are all gone? Only a few can stay around,” Chan says.

The star is unhappy that actors today opt for action doubles and do not perform the stunts on their own. “The new action star doesn’t know how to fight. They can use a special effect, like Spider-Man. Everyone can be Spider-Man. “One of my team members (was) Wonder Woman’s double. They go, ‘Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa.’ Then (Gal Gadot) came back, just pretty, just standing there. Ha! Easy,” he says.

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Talking about how he gets on going without a break the actor said “Sometimes I look at some other actors, famous actors, they’re so comfortable! After filming, just holiday! With a girlfriend or the family.” Jackie Chan hops in from one project to another just in a loop. Jackie Chan who is considered to be one of the most hardworking actors in the entertainment industry also holds a world record for most credits to his name in the film ‘Chinese Zodiac’.

Jackie Chan was recently seen in his own production ‘The Foreigner’ which was an action thriller directed by David Marconi.

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