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Meet the Charisma Coach!
Danish Sheikh helps people brand themselves. His life is filled with ironies. Being a product manager as his forte, he chose to train and work for people. Imagine a guy with no Btech degree reach such heights and training people at various educational institutes. The proud owner of danishsheikh.com, a startup, he has established a new era of training people to be charismatic with his step by step teaching system.

His story:
Danish’s journey began at the age of 18. He attended an interview for the post of a language editor at Webdunia.com in Indore. He cleared it with his spot on interactive skills. Each subsequent success only helped boost his confidence and charisma. At the age of 20, he led a team of 100+ analysts on a Microsoft project as a Microsoft consultant. At 21, he joined Lionbridge Inc. as the youngest Global Project Manager. At 22, he was hired by Yahoo! India, where he worked as the youngest International Product Manager.

His battle with Bullying:
Danish Sheikh survived convent school; even his teachers were doubtful of his future because of his shy, bullied boy behaviour. He had a rough past. And who doesn’t? Since his Class X grades were insufficient to help him qualify for the Math stream, he had to change schools. He again barely passed his XII exams on the second attempt.
He shared, “Books were my only friends then.”
It was the book– Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to win friends and influence people’ – that helped him self-analyze and question his presence. Soon, young Danish started testing theories he read in books and applying them to real-life situations. He developed a policy of talking to one stranger each day.

What is charisma?
Danish speaks,”Charisma is not an inborn trait. The biggest challenge is to break that myth. Scientific research has demonstrated that charisma is a set of behaviours that can be learned, practised and mastered. For example, in a controlled laboratory experiment, MIT researchers were able to raise or lower an individual’s level of charisma as if they were turning a dial.”

Danish is quite realistic in his approach.
He takes on a step by step guide to building charisma. He focuses on Authoritative Charisma; Visionary Charisma; and Empathetic Charisma.
He says, “For instance, Steve Jobs had visionary charisma, because of his futuristic product approach; Mother Teresa had empathetic appeal because of how she connected with those in need. However, I try to develop a charisma quotient that works in all situations.”
Danish is currently planning on building his network further taking it overseas with UAE and UK being his first targets. He might be having a greener life now, but he knows his roots and stays humble to them.
Stay updated to him on danishsheikh.com while he builds his network.

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