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#1 The saddening candid
Chengdu, China: A baby panda falls off the stage while 23 pandas that were born in 2016 were on display at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on September 29.

#2 The sweet candid
Granby, Quebec: This was taken on July 26, in a farm when the dairy cows were nuzzling a cat.

#3 The magical candid
London, Britain: A five-year-old boy posed with an Owl butterfly during an event at the Natural History Museum which was to launch Sensational Butterflies exhibition.

#4 The emotional candid
Rio, Brazil: Nikki Hamblin stopped running during the race when she found that Abbey D’Agostino, her fellow competitor had suffered a cramp in the middle of the race at the time of Rio Olympics 2016.

#5 The praiseworthy candid
Santiago, Chile: A demonstrator looking straight into the eyes of a riot policeman during a protest which was marking the country’s 1973 military coup on September 11.

#6 The stroking candid
Nantes, France: During a demonstration against government’s proposed labor law, a protester used a tennis racket to return a tear gas canister.

#7 The powerful candid
Manhattan, New York: Reshma Quereshi, an Indian model and acid attack survivor in makeup before walking on the ramp during New York Fashion Week for Indian designer Archana Kochhar’s Spring/Summer 2017 collections.

#8 The wickedly candid
Encinitas, California: Perfectly captured at the time of Halloween, a remote controlled plane which was designed in the form of a witch, flying as the sun sets.

#9 The funny candid
Pontoiraklia, Greece: Horses looking out of a window of their stable on May 27.

#10 The affectionate candid
Rio, Brazil: Adam Lancia, Canada’s men’s basketball team player embracing his wife Jamey Jewells after her women’s wheelchair basketball playoff match on September 16.

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