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Who said experience is necessary?
There’s no proof in the history that a person who doesn’t have knowledge of things, cannot do them. In the 19th century, there was a party called ‘Know-Nothing’ whose spirit is in its name. So, why can’t we trust Donald Trump? He’s a pinnacle of knowing nothing. What could go wrong?
Do you know why all the countries fear North Korea? Because of their dictator leader Kim Jong-un. Nobody can mess with him as he is crazy! Imagine if Trump becomes the US president? We’ll have our own Kim Jong-un. Not every dictator is Hitler!

Leaders need not be a saint.
There’s no book which says only ‘Saints’ can run the world. All the presidents in the history of America were not a ‘Saint.’ Then why Americans are bothered about their presidential candidate this time? Leaders are ordinary people like you and me, and if by chance we’re getting a leader who is as rich as Donald Trump, then we should think twice before voting anyone.
Even if he’ll work for his selfish motives, the American economy is going to rise.

He can become one of the most enchanting presidents in the history.
If other candidates are going to win, then we all know what they’re going to do, and most of the time there will be only talks. I’m already yawning! But, imagine what Donald Trump can do. HBO would get some tough competition then.
He’ll openly insult the world leaders, would always be in the news for the latest scandals. Fancy how colorful the White House would be. Ahh! Can’t wait to vote for him.

A leader like Trump understands that our modern thoughts hold us back!
Above our spinal cord, rests a piece of nerves and flesh… sometimes we refer to it as the brain. The brain is the primary cause of all our miseries, unhappiness, and whatever wrong is going around. Guess what? A President like Donald Trump is not going to fall into this trap. He has already worked hard upon controlling his brain; it would not function without his consent. Unlike other candidates, who are too weak to learn this art, and fall for emotions.
Emotions look great on stage, but in the real world, fear is the only emotion. Billionaire Trump would make sure that nobody feels the extra burden of emotions. Equal rights for everyone, ‘One America, One Emotion.’

He’ll reach out to people who are not accessible openly.
He’ll be in constant touch with the people who are so oppressed in our society. He’ll reach out to all hate groups, and who knows, he may succeed in cracking a deal with them. What a beautiful world it’d be then. People throwing bombs at each other, everyone, may not get a roof to live under, but Trump will make sure nobody sleeps without guns in their hands. Finally, America will become superpowered in the real sense.

But, what about Clinton?
If Hillary Clinton wins, then she’s openly going to promote educational rights, equality for women in the American society, fitness of American families, and well-being of the nations. Ahh! I feel like sleeping; Someone was right, she’s a nasty woman. How can she think about everyone else after becoming the president of the US? Boring indeed. White House would stay white, and I want it painted red this Christmas. I can’t vote for a selfless lady, who only thinks about others.

She has a real tax and foreign policy! We can’t let her win.
Clinton will be raising taxes on the rich people, to help unfortunate children. If you’re poor it’s your fault; presidents are never responsible for this. Hillary is going to waste most of her time in putting taxes on billionaires and would find out loop holes in the Wall Street and corporations.
And don’t get me started on her foreign policy! Unlike billionaire candidates, Hillary supports Iran nuclear deal, for restoring the diplomatic relationship with Cuba. She was wrong on Iraq and Libya, and these are no better mistakes than groping women at public places, sexually assaulting them, and banging into the changing room of Miss Teenager Universe. Hillary needs to work hard on raising her mistakes seriousness. I’d prefer Donald Trump over Hillary.

How can we get a woman to run the whole nation?
The America, in its history, has never had a lady as the president. If Hillary wins (Of which I’m sure never going to happen), she will become the first woman president of America. Political career of more than 30 years would ruin us; it’d make us feel insulted about how a woman can work better than most of the men in our American society.

Don’t fall into her trap! She’s overqualified for us.
She’s so qualified that I’d make us all look lazy. Like, Hillary was senior class president at Wellesley College, She worked for presidential campaigns in 1964, 1972, and 1976. Not just this, Clinton took a summer job on Senator Walter Mondale’s committee for migrant workers in 1971.
While her husband was Governer, she managed Arkansas Educational Standards Committee. Clinton is also co-founder of Arkansas Advocates for children and families. Isn’t she over qualified? But wait, there’s more. Hillary Clinton is among the 100 most influential lawyers in America for the year 1988 and 1991.
Clinton has spent more than eight years as the First Lady of the US. Served as Senator from New York, and served as US Secretary of State.

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