Home Blogs and Articles How This Injured Dog Helped Another Dog In Need Is Overwhelming

Meet Simon and Sammie.
Both were rescued from a shelter in South Carolina.

Simon is one-year-old while Sammie is only 4 months old.
Simon has suffered by the hand of his owner and Sammie was dragged by a car, spray-painted and even shot. Both these dogs suffered terribly but still had a lot of love to give.

Both of them met at a vet’s clinic.
Sammie was just about to be operated and Simon just went up to her procedure table and rested his paw on her. Sammie took great comfort by this simple act.

Sammie and Simon just understood each other.
They got each other the moment they met. Both of them were going through a traumatic time in their life and when Jack O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, found them, she was astounded.

Sadly, Sammie had to lose a leg.
The 4-month-old pup suffered a gunshot wound and lost a leg. There was a lot of damage to the leg and the doctors couldn’t save it.

But both dogs are in recovery now.
Their love for each other is helping them heal from their physical and abusive wounds.

Sadly, Sammie had to lose a leg.
This kind of compassion and kindness coming from an animal is simply remarkable.

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