Home Blogs and Articles How Paytm Is Leading The Revolution Of Plastic Money In India?

This on street pulse and spices vendor has eased things for people by providing them the facility to use Paytm while they buy.
I know it’s amusing to watch these street side vendors use Paytm for taking payments. But we need to realize that 90 percent Indian consumers are likely to use digital payments for both online and offline points of sale, as per the Digital Payments 2020 report.

This picture shouts for “Badal Raha Hai India,” with this vendor asking people to pay via Paytm.
It is a great pride that India is growing ahead in time with the use of technology and that too at this rate. Much to your surprise, the Digital payment market size in the country is expected to touch $500 billion by 2020.

Thanks to #DeMonetisation, people are proudly using Paytm now.
We all know mobile phones are a basic necessity and especially now that the 500 and 1000 rupees notes are banned, there is a need for people to use the digital media more.

Paytm serves you the best facilities to pay from your mobile phone and ensures users a safe payment.
The reports state that 81% of the Indian digital users prefer to use the non-cash methods of payment. It tells that half of India’s internet users use digital payments.

Have a look at this one right from Sector 9, Delhi. You might have heard about him a lot.
As the nation is facing a cash crunch, this tea seller is proudly forwarding the service of Paytm.

Luckily, this man provided cashless service too.
What could be more feasible than buying your daily “Sabzi” from your Paytm wallet.

We know online shopping, payment of utility bills and buying movie tickets are the top three user activities.
I am sure that the use of Paytm allows its customers to pay through their mobile app.

How can you forget a hundred puchkiwalas or Golgappe walas that you might have come across daily?
You no longer have to dig your pockets to give the “golgappe wala” a change. Thanks to Paytm, even your micro transactions are possible.

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