Home Blogs and Articles Here Is The List Of Things You Can Do With Balloons

1. Compact Disc Balloon Hovercraft
Use the cap of an empty water bottle, make a hole at the center of the cap and attach the balloon to the cap. Add glue to the disc and attach the cap and finally, it will look like this.

2. Use a piece of tape to avoid bursting of balloons.
Cut a piece of tape and stick it over the balloon. Insert a pin and see the magic.

3. If you lost the cap, then use the balloon to cover the can.
Just blow up the balloon and keep the filled balloon on the top such that the air passes into the bottle.This will pack the bottle.

4. You can use the balloon as a decorative ribbon in wrapping up the gifts.
After you wrap up the complete gift by gift paper, tie the knots using balloons and use it as an attractive ribbon.

5. Frozen water-filled balloons.
Fill water in balloons, freeze them and after that use them to get the chilled drinks. Serve chilled drinks in your party and enjoy.

6. Use the water bottle and blow up the balloon easily without using the mouth.
All you need is an empty bottle, make a hole in it, cover the cap with the tape and stick a balloon over it. Then press the bottle through that hole and see the balloon blowing up.

7. Make chocolate eggs using balloons.
You need melted chocolate and balloons. Dip the balloon in the chocolate and get the 1/4th portion of it covered, and then refrigerate those balloons. After freezing, burst that balloon and remove the leftover part of the balloon from the chocolate bottom. All you see is the remaining chocolate eggs. Pour ice cream in it and enjoy.

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