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Radiation effects of the microwave.
Microwaves are nothing but radiation, non-ionizing radiations. Though these radiations are not as powerful to alter the properties, structure or components of something, they are still quite capable of causing physical alterations just like sun’s ultraviolet rays – which are a form of non-ionizing radiations – can harm your skin and eyes.

Who should stay away from microwaved food and why?
The bitter truth is that microwave cooking can affect everyone and hence, nobody should be eating microwave cooked food. However, children, babies, pregnant mothers, sick people and even those who are already exposed to a higher level of radiation than others, should especially refrain from consuming microwaved food.

Nutrient content of food is zapped.
That nutritious and super healthy plate of food that you bought from the grocery store loses the maximum of its nutrient content when microwaved. The dielectric heating of microwaves causes the food to turn into a “dead food” that does no good to your body.
The water molecules present in the veggies and raw food items rotate at such a high frequency inside the microwave oven as well as in the food that it causes molecular friction and heats up the food. This results in your food’s molecular structure to change and zaps the nutrients of your food.

Carcinogens added to food.
Ready-to-eat meals and other food items that are recommended for microwave heating are wrapped in plastic containers that have been found to contain toxic chemicals like polyethylene terephthalate (PET), toluene, benzene, BPA, and xylene, says Foodbabe.
These containers when put inside microwave ovens for heating, releases carcinogens besides many other harmful toxins into your food. This toxin loaded food then enters your system when you consume it and creates havoc in your body.

Microwave sickness.
When your tissues get directly exposed to microwaves, violent deformations – like that in the food – occur and may cause microwave sickness. Even living next to cell phone towers can cause similar sickness, symptoms of which are depression, irritability, headaches and dizziness, insomnia and sleep disturbances, nausea, appetite loss, frequent urination, extreme thirst, vision, eye problems, impaired cognition, weak immune system and swollen lymph nodes.

Destroys breast milk and Vit B-12.
The health benefits of Vit B-12 are not unknown but what most people don’t know is that microwaves negate these benefits and render the food unhealthy. A study has shown that food loses 30-40% of its vitamins when heated in a microwave.
Even the bacteria-fighting agents present in the breast milk are found to get destroyed when heated in a microwave oven. Also, breast milk when microwaved at high temperatures was found to have 18 times more E. coli growth than the un-microwaved version.

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