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Matt Bray, a college student with ambitious spirit has become the internet celebrity with his viral videos.
Matt is an Illinois college student who loves dancing a lot. His main ambition was to create a video that can make people learn how to dance.

But he finally ended up having videos that can make anyone happy.
He uploaded many videos like ‘100 Places of Dance’ and ‘100 Days of Dance’ to get that fun back in lives of people.

Recently, he uploaded a new video, titled ‘100 People of Dance’.
Matt travelled across the US and Canada while filming the video.

He performed the similar dance everywhere he went and asked people to join him.
Overall, it took two months for him to complete the video. And he spent a month and a half living out on streets and driving all around the states.

He covered 10,000 miles while travelling.

He used a blend of friends, family and strangers for the video.
He gathered them all and had funniest dance experience with them.

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