Home Blogs and Articles Giving Up These 10 Things Will Make You Successful

#1 Cut the junk and the unhealthy lifestyle.
Everything starts here. As the saying goes, “A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.” So, it’s time you start taking care of your health and diet. Let go of all the pizza and sodas you can’t live without and get the healthy stuff in. Get up and hit the gym, start implementing some physical activity in your life. I know it’s hard at first, but you’ll surely thank yourself one day.

#2 Stop saying ‘YES’ and start saying ‘NO’
You need to straighten this one out. If you want to be successful you need to say the harsh word ‘NO’, and this would hurt the ones who are close to you. You need to give up saying ‘YES’ to things that don’t support your goal. You will feel the pain at first, but believe me, once your goals are achieved it will be worth it!

#3 Give up that ‘Fixed Mindset’ and pave the way for learning and growing.
If you are a person with a fixed mindset, you need to watch out. Because if you want to be successful you need to develop a ‘Growth Mindset’. You need to move out of your comfort zone and acquire new knowledge and new skills. It’s only when you have an open mind can you grow into something big.

#4 It’s time you stop multi-tasking.
Don’t lay your hands on everything and think that you can achieve it all. You will be successful only if you have your mind set on ‘one idea’ and ‘one goal’. Multi-tasking is a big ‘No’ if you want to be successful. Keep your mind set on one goal only.

#5 There’s no place for excuses.
Making excuses just limits and prevents you from being successful. You are the only person responsible for how successful you are in life, so by making excuses you’re not going to get anywhere. But in fact, you will just remain stagnant and never grow.

#6 Stop trying to control every situation.
Don’t think you can handle every situation. Stick to things you can control rather than things you cannot. You need to understand that sometimes things are up to you and sometimes things are just not up to you. So just let go of things that aren’t meant for you and move on to things that are meant for you.

#7 Remember your not perfect.
Failures are a stepping stone to success. If you fear failure, you will never think to give it a try. Stop being a perfectionist, and stop waiting for things to be right because nothing will be perfect no matter how hard you try. Just waiting for things to get right will make you lose out on a lot of good opportunities. So just go for it!

#8 Let go of your egoistic nature.
Ego is not going to get you anywhere, but in fact, it will only get you down the hill. Don’t think you know it all. Sometimes it’s good to take other people opinions as well because you never know when they could be giving you some great advice.

#9. Give up your need to be liked by everyone.
No matter what you do, you can’t please everyone. So give up your need to be liked by everyone and take all the negative comments in your stride. Continue to improve yourself and hopefully, one day you will see that all your ‘haters’ turn to ‘like’ you one day.

#10 Stop keeping it small – dream big
Dreaming big motivates you to aim higher. When you dream big, it pushes you harder to get what you want and to get there you try to do everything that is in your power. Dreaming big will only make you strive hard to be successful.

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