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1. The Mazatlan coast.
Why: The current exchange rate of Mexico is $1=20.69 Mexican pesos, which makes it one of the most affordable destinations right now. If you are a frugal traveller then mark Mazatlan in the first place. This place, being the capital of Mexico offers you with a great food paradise which comprises of fresh dishes.
Hotels in Mazatlan are not a part of huge chains and therefore are not expensive. El Cid Marina has awesome huge rooms, great food and awesome pools which are perfect for family trips. Also, one of the major reasons for its cuisine to be cheap is because Sinaloa grows the bulk produce in Mexico itself.

2. On safari in South Africa.
Why: Although, the infrastructure in South Africa is well developed, and also it is an established tourist destination, but the exchange rate is in our favour at present.
The initial months of 2017, could be easily spent in Cape Town. You will also be supported by cheaper transportation and hotel expenses.
Since South Africa lies in the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are just opposite; consider going in summer when the safari lodges will be even less expensive.
The best part of your visit to this place can be wine, since it would cost you less than that of a soda can.

3. Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Why: The best time to visit the Caribbean is at the end of April to mid-December i.e in the low season. This place fits your budget and if you stay within the two-square-mile radius of the old city, you won’t even require rental cars to access sightseeing and restaurants.
Villa Herencia and Hotel Casa Blanca are two of the high-style hotels with low-cost boutiques.

4. A Santiago cityscape, Chile
Why: Europe has always been at priority on everyone’s list, plus the exchange rate is more favourable than it has been in years, especially for the American travellers. There is surprising German heritage, and it is also easy to rent a car and explore the area. Santiago is known for its wine, vibrant food, hip hotels and delicious tapas. You can explore volcanoes and go to the top of a volcano.

5. A waterfront taverna in Crete.
Why: With the economic crisis in Greece and the U.S. dollar strong enough against the euro at present, it’s the perfect time to visit the wonderful island of Crete. With locals who welcome tourists with open arms, you are bound to save a few dollars along with having a trip for the lifetime. This place is a foodie’s dream come true.

6. The affordable Riad Yasmine in Marrakech.
Why: For all the Morocco dream visitors, it is important for you to know that this place is one of the most affordable places in Africa. Typical meals can cost you ranging from $2.50 to $15 for two including appetisers, unlimited mint tea and entree. Well, this place will also offer you with a large variety of vegetarian food and with shopping to suit everyone’s budget including leather handbags and wallets.
Riad Kheirredine will provide you with a cell phone to ensure your safety during your stay, also a queen-like stay without even breaking your bank account.

7. Seaside in Belize.
Why: This place bestows upon you with its blend of modern and historical flavour, where you can plan your budget suiting romantic trip. Also, many four star hotels offer such low rates which include bicycle on rents as well as Belize’s local wines.
Both, the oceanside Royal Caribbean Resort in San Pedro and George Hardie’s Las Vegas Hotel in Corozal can be booked for under $100 per night, providing you with cheap as well as delicious meals.

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